Breakfast is prepared in the large open-view kitchen. When you enter the house each morning, you’ll be greeted by the smell of croissants fresh from the oven, and you’ll be shown to your table under the big white umbrellas in the garden.

The breakfast menu is full of tasty treats, with pride of place given to our homemade jams, all cooked with our own organically grown fruit. Perhaps the lemon marmelade counts as the most unusual, capturing the fragrance of the century-old lemon trees of our garden. Other preserves include fig, peach, and berry, depending on what’s in season.col_1

In addition to the classic continental breakfast, we offer food products that are native to this region, everything from Pienza DOP pecorino cheese to Tuscan cold cuts, as well as eggs any way you like. We can also prepare other “goodies” like Pancakes or French Toasts ( that are already famous in the Internet Forums) with a lemon syrup outstanding (always done with our lemons) or with the classic Nutellla, if you do not mind waiting a few minutes: they are prepared and cooked at the moment!

Breakfasting in the magnificent garden is a unique experience. The smell of the croissants gives way to the fragrance of diverse flowers, depending on the season and the direction of the wind. In April, the wisteria is the first to bloom; in May, the old English roses, for we have a fine collection of Peter Beals and an outstanding bush of David Austin roses, selected in light shades of pink and ivory. In June it’s the jasmine’s turn, then comes time for the stately magnolias, right up to the last amazing flowering in September, that of the olea fragrans, between the aromas of peach and of apricot.

In case of inclement weather, breakfast served in the Limonaia —the Lemon House— always creates a magical moment for our guests. Indeed, the colors of the sky may turn to grey, but the long table unites all the guests at a breakfast with a view over the city.

As conversation rises, it’s hard not to have the feeling of sitting at the table of a large extended family from years gone by. Often people linger at the table until late, taking advantage of the chance to taste the owners’ home-produced organically grown Extra Virgin Olive Oil served with the simplest and most Tuscan form of bruschetta, the “fettunta”: toasted Tuscan bread, a little salt, then the best part—the olive oil, organically produced and of the highest quality.

And who knows? A little glass of the villa’s own 10-year-old Vin Santo may be served, or perhaps some Limoncello made with lemons from the garden following an original recipe from Capri.

It’s only a shame that the other niche product—the farm’s organically grown saffron—can’t be tasted then and there!

We would have to add saffron cookies to the breakfast menu!

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