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Coming down from the North:

Take the exit marked Firenze Impruneta and get on the freeway to Siena. This is fastest road from Florence to Siena. It is signposted like this: indicationStay on this road for about an hour until you reach Siena. Continue driving straight on this beltway (Tangenziale in Italian), going past four Siena exits (Siena Nord, Siena Acqua Calda, Siena Ovest, and Siena Sud).

After you pass the Siena Sud exit, the road divides, leaving you only two options: Grosseto or Arezzo. Head for Arezzo. Three or four minutes later, take the exit marked Siena Est. Once you’ve exited from the beltway, drive on. After going straight across a rotary, you’ll find a blue sign saying “Siena Due Ponti.” Drive a few hundred yards and you are finally in Due Ponti.


It’s not hard to find us

Driving along the A1 toll Highway

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Coming up from the South:

Take the exit marked Valdichiana and get on the freeway to Siena. Stay on this road for approx. 30 minutes. As you enter the outskirts of Siena, go straight across a rotary and you’ll find a blue sign saying “Siena Due Ponti.”

Drive a few hundred yards and you are finally in Due Ponti.


Locality “Due Ponti”

From Locality “Due Ponti” (which is actually little more than a traffic island with a few houses and shops): turn right, following the sign saying

“S. Regina”. You’ll pass over a recently constructed bridge over the railway line. Continue driving uphill until you reach a hairpin turn to the right. When you reach the turn, you’ll see trash-disposal containers on your left, and signs for “S. Regina” and “Valdipugna” on your right.

After taking the hairpin turn, drive until the fork where you’ll see our black sign saying “Frances’ Lodge”.

When you reach the second “Frances’ Lodge” sign, you’ll be at our gate.

Ring the bell on the righthand side to announce your arrival. Our gate is kept closed (only our guests and our family have the electric gate-openers).



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